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We trust Dr. Chris Page, Dr Bill O'Neill and Dr. Manfredo. We know they have our best dental interests at heart.
Lisa Moscato, East Boston

Dr. Page has been my dentist for 10 plus years. He has always provided painfree, high quality dentistry at a reasonable cost.
Norman Berman, Chelsea

Dr. Chris Page recently gave me a crown on a tooth that I had cracked and was creating a lot of discomfort. I was nervous about the procedure but both Dr. Page's professionalism and impressive bedside manner set my mind completely at ease. At no point did I feel an ounce of pain. He and his assistant made me feel completely comfortable and informed. Now the tooth feels fine! When I have a family, I hope I can send everyone to Dr. Page.
Sam Bigelow, Boston

Our friends are amazed when we tell them we look forward to seeing our dentist.
Mary Ellen Doherty, Revere

I came to Dr. Page for two fillings. I had always been scared of the injection to get numb, but I let Dr. Page do it and it was actually quick and painless. I'm really not scared of it anymore! He was friendly and considerate, and made me feel comfortable the whole time. Plus the tooth colored fillings look awesome!
Aliya Bertrand, Boston