Ways to Enjoy Holiday Foods Without Harming Teeth

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Now that it’s late November, the end-of-year holidays are well in sight. You’re likely preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas (if you observe), and other special days. Still, don’t get too caught up in these festivities. Being careless with holiday foods could ruin your teeth. Should that happen, you won’t enjoy Winter as much as you’d like. Luckily, your Revere dentist can help you avoid this outcome. Here are four dental tips to let you eat seasonal foods without fear for your grin.

Try to Avoid Grazing

Yes, winter holidays are (in)famous for their all-day feasts. They often leave spreads of food out for hours. Even so, it’s best not to graze on the provided fare.

You see, constant grazing is bad for your chompers. It leaves them highly exposed to “leftovers” and bacteria. From there, you’ll likely face a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities. To compensate, only put out food at mealtimes and then stash it away.

Limit the Sugary Treats

As the year winds down, holidays offer many sugary treats. These items range from pies and cookies to novelties like candy canes. Regardless, though, make sure to limit your intake of these foods.

Remember: sugar is quite harmful to your grin. The carb attracts bacteria that slowly erode tooth enamel. It thus causes cavities, gum disease, and worse. All that said, only have holiday sweets once in a while. Also, always clean your teeth right afterward.

Watch the Wine

Wine is a favorite of the end-of-year holidays. After all, it’s great for celebrating special occasions. However, you’d do well to go easy on this drink.

To be clear, red wine can discolor your teeth. Its tannins and pigments often stain the drinker’s enamel. As such, having too much may lead to awkward holiday photos. That means you should brush well if you do indulge in reds.

Take Dental Care To-Go

Amidst holiday travels, it’s very easy to neglect your routines. Family, friends, and good meals can be pretty distracting. Nonetheless, you can’t afford to forget daily dental care.

To help you remember oral hygiene, tuck a dental kit into your purse or pocket. You can use its tools before and after holiday meals. In particular, ensure it includes travel toothpaste, a toothbrush, and mini-floss.

You don’t need to forsake holiday foods in the coming months. With the tips above, you can enjoy them while keeping your smile safe!

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